California may ban drones from trespassing over private property http://ow.ly/33dqw1

Asus is making a snazzy special edition of the ZenFone 2 with 256GB of storage http://ow.ly/335ocU

Android phones will now come with fewer pre-installed apps – Android users will soon be getting a little less bloatware on their phones.  Android Central reports that Google has relaxed its requirements about which apps have to be permanently installed, which means apps like Google+, Google Play Games, Google Play Books and Google Newsstand will no longer come pre-installed. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 5, for example, already doesn’t have Google+ pre-installed. Even tho… http://ow.ly/333drR

Tesla and Airbnb partner to install chargers at prime rental locations http://ow.ly/330cMF

Comcast begins extending its low-cost internet program to senior citizens http://ow.ly/32XcJ0

How well do you know Idris Elba? – Welcome to the second annual Verge Hack Week. We’re totally blowing up our site: we’ve given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things. Learn more. Idris Elba is a Hollywood icon. Whether it’s reinventing the Baltimore drug trade as Stringer Bell in The … http://ow.ly/32Qv4B

Star Tours is getting a makeover this year for The Force Awakens http://ow.ly/32KGX6


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