Google likely to prevail against Mississippi Attorney General’s enormous subpoena, court says http://ow.ly/2WHlFu

This Microsoft help page comes with a warning: ‘this process requires patience’ http://ow.ly/2WDNhA

The internet’s favorite runaway llamas are retiring from public life http://ow.ly/2WBPC0

One year in space: NASA’s record-breaking mission is underway http://ow.ly/2WzWDk

This is the greatest Yahoo! Answer on whether vampires can poop http://ow.ly/2Wx4jU

Sony Pictures wants to make Robotech its next big sci-fi franchise http://ow.ly/2WtTvU

RadioShack is selling tens of millions of email and home addresses http://ow.ly/2WqxPv


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