Wu-Tang Clan fans pooling $5 million to buy sole copy of the group’s next album http://ow.ly/2FMvG2

One third of patients in ‘vegetative’ states show signs of consciousness http://ow.ly/2FJXbT

Apple, Google, Microsoft and others sign anti-phone-theft pledge http://ow.ly/2FHMmc

Ben Affleck is not a murderer in the trailer for David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’ http://ow.ly/2FFGRL

Inside Google’s efforts to become one of the largest corporate forces in Washington http://ow.ly/2FDEkJ

First marijuana vending machine for consumers unveiled in Colorado http://ow.ly/2FCjzm

One of Google’s top Android lieutenants comes to Samsung’s defense against Apple http://ow.ly/2FAPn6


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