The world’s most secure OS may have a serious problem – The Tails operating system is one of the most trusted platforms in cryptography, favored by Edward Snowden and booted up more than 11,000 times per day in May. But according to the security firm Exodus Intelligence, the program may not be as secure as many thought. The company says they’ve discovered an undisclosed vulnerability that will let attackers deanonymize Tails computers and even execute code remotely, pot… http://ow.ly/2KytY3

Search engine exposes hackers’ passwords to solicit donations http://ow.ly/2Krk0x

Xbox One sales doubled in June, but PS4 takes the top spot – The PlayStation 4 remained the best-selling console in the United States last month, despite Microsoft’s attempts to drive sales of its Xbox One console by introducing a cheaper model. Microsoft was able to double its sales of its Xbox One console in June with the release of a $399 model that didn’t include motion-sensing camera Kinect, but it apparently still wasn’t enough to knock Sony off the top spot. This… http://ow.ly/2Kkdzj

Google’s Street View cars help locate gas leaks in US cities http://ow.ly/2KgNKW

Plans show tallest residential building on earth coming to Manhattan http://ow.ly/2K2S07

Lyft accuses New York attorney general of lying about launch holdup http://ow.ly/2K0jUk

You have until August 25th to sound off on Comcast’s takeover of Time Warner Cable http://ow.ly/2JWasx


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