Microsoft to launch its wearable fitness band in coming weeks http://ow.ly/2Pniqx

The Verge Playlist: Brian Eno – There was a New Yorker article, published over the summer, explaining how musician-producer Brian Eno allowed randomness to take control of his work, which by now has directly or indirectly touched some of the greatest bands in the popular music canon — he’s produced albums for David Bowie and Talking Heads, and created solo works that are strange little gems of their own. The article went on to argue that certain projects may have been w… http://ow.ly/2PlTqp

The insanely elaborate quest to recover the oldest satellite photos of Arctic ice http://ow.ly/2PjZUA

Apple’s iPad Air 2 shows that tablet photography is here to stay http://ow.ly/2PghYT

Apple Pay launch tipped for October 20th by Panera Bread – Apple made no secret that its payment service Apple Pay wasn’t ready to roll when the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus went on sale last month, saying only that it would be ready sometime in October. Now it appears that the waiting game to start using your phone and fingerprint as a credit card is almost over. A purported internal memo from Panera Bread, one of Apple’s payment launch partners, notes that the service will be … http://ow.ly/2PcwiU

Google researchers reveal new Poodle bug, putting the web on alert http://ow.ly/2P5OzF

America’s biggest police departments are getting spy gear through private charities http://ow.ly/2P0Yn3


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