Google is testing its autonomous cars in a ‘Matrix-style’ version of California http://ow.ly/2MbwJQ

UPS says hackers may have stolen credit card data from 51 of its stores http://ow.ly/2M7EZZ

DSLR or mirrorless: which should be your next camera? – So you want to step up from your smartphone camera, and you’ve heard that point-and-shoots are dead. You need a serious DSLR, right? Well, maybe not. Mirrorless cameras — smaller, lighter models that can offer the same image quality as a DSLR — are a growing segment of the market, and they may just be right for you. A mirrorless camera is like an SLR without a mirror What’s a mirrorless camera? Well, it’s like an… http://ow.ly/2M3Fwe

Google’s new subscription music service will reportedly be called ‘YouTube Music Key’ http://ow.ly/2LZxNh

The Verge Playlist: Punk Rock Hack Week – Verge Hack Week starts tomorrow, and we’re letting everyone in the company go crazy building and experimenting with new tools on the site. It’s going to be fast and messy and a little bit insane — so basically, punk rock. I can get down with that: the internet has always been about restlessness and attitude and DIY spirit, values that are rooted firmly in the punk rock I grew up listening to. I grew up with all of these bands on… http://ow.ly/2LVfkD

Low-ranking supervillains get the spotlight in animated film ‘Henchmen’ http://ow.ly/2LSnjs

CDC accidentally contaminated bird flu samples because scientist had to rush to a meeting http://ow.ly/2LPHLs


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